We Have It Covered

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our security team is one of the best in the business. From guest arrivals, magnetometer operation, carpet supervision and anti-piracy, we cover all aspects of event and flow management. Clients rely and trust our approach and tactical operation to prepare for anything and everything. Whether you are having an event for 100 or a gala for 5000 we understand what can happen before it happens giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your event and make it a positive memorable experience. 

What we do
  • Event Security
  • Flow Management
  • Magnetometer Operation 
  • Anti-Piracy
  • Guest Arrivals | Departures
  • Site Inspection
  • Crisis Avoidance
  • Consulting


Charles Sanders II | CEO & PRESIDENT

Charles is a talented and exemplary leader with over 30 years’ worth of experience from his military, police, and security careers combined. Charles brings with him a wealth of knowledge of Event Security, Personal Protection, and Public Safety. The ability to teach and train Event Managers to run events up to the expectations and standards of our company is one of the best attributes Charles has in his arsenal among many others.

Charles has a work philosophy which is simply to put the client’s reputation first above all else. This includes the public safety of general public, event attendees, and staff. Charles will never let a client place themselves in a situation that can hurt their event or damage their reputation. Charles has a solid track record within the Special Event Community having worked for Special Event Management for 15 years prior to starting SPEC Concepts with his business partner. His relationships with local Fire, Police, and EMS Departments is remarkable. It is because of his attitude and credibility within the field of Event Security and Public Safety which has made him such a well-respected icon within the Event Industry.

Charles has implemented several measures within the security industry which have been duplicated by other companies over the years. One of which is the use night vision security measures for antipiracy during the release of the Sony Entertainment’s release of Spiderman 2 in 2002 which resulted in a documented court case and subsequently changed the course of antipiracy measures throughout the industry since.

Charles is well known and well respected within the Security Industry and has strong relationships with studio personnel, talent, and other high-profile security specialists.


Luis is a very focused, talented organizer, and natural leader with 30 years of experience in Public Safety. Luis began his career as a Volunteer Firefighter in North Carolina at the age of 19. By the age of 24 he was a lieutenant and was responsible for the logistical pre-planning of incident responses for all local business within the Lake Rim Fire Department District. This required gathering data and upkeep of information which has been a basis for how SPEC Concepts approaches planning and logistics for all of its events.

Along with working as a firefighter, Luis also worked part-time as a Security Shift Supervisor at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, North Carolina. There he learned security protocol, police procedures, administrative procedures, and public safety policies. Luis implemented several of the administrative procedures he learned from his time at Cross Creek to Special Event Management once he was promoted into the ranks of the company leadership.

During his years at Special Event Management, Luis reshaped the way the company conducted business. He streamlined and improved the way the company conducted payroll, scheduling, hiring, record keeping, invoicing, and use of computers and technology.

Luis has a determination that is unmatched. His strengths are his ability to adjust and adapt to whatever the needs of the moment are. As well as his ability to organize and problem solve. This combination of skills has helped give Special Management unprecedented success and profits. Skills which has made the transition to Business Owner and CFO seamless and successful. SPEC Concepts continues on the tradition of growth due to the mindset and determination Luis has provided.

Luis has received awards and certifications from his service as a Firefighter, EMT, and Fire Instructor.