covid-19 health & safety protocols

SPEC Concepts has been providing event security coverage for red carpet events in the Los Angeles area for the last 7 years. The co-owners have a combined 50 plus years in event security, public safety, and military operations. Charles C. Sanders II spent 20 years as Vice President at Special Event Management before starting SPEC Concepts. Through these two entities, our priority has always been to provide a safe and memorable experience for our clients and their guests, along with the safety of the general public. Today, we proudly introduce our new division, SPEC LA. This new division will allow us to offer new and existing clients consulting services along with practical solutions to a variety of issues facing businesses today.


SPEC Concepts will be using the Graco Sanispray Portable HP65 Airless Disinfectant Sprayer to sanitize large spaces in a short period of time. This sprayer is compatible for use of List-N Disinfectant Material approved by EPA to combat SARS COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.


SPEC Concepts will be using digital no-touch thermometers to measure temperatures of all staff and guests at designated stations prior to entering any public space. Once someone has been screened, they will receive a wristband indicating that their temperature has been checked and deemed acceptable to enter.

social distancing enforcement

SPEC Concepts agents are trained in maintaining Social Distancing measures amongst themselves and will be monitoring and enforcing social distancing measures for all vendors, staff, and guests while on duty.


Every employee will be given masks, gloves, and safety glasses and are subject to wear PPE at all times while on duty to ensure that we take all necessary precautions regarding personal hygiene for public safety measures.



SPEC Concepts will sterilize equipment using liquid sanitizers and UV Technology to sterilize equipment used in the field. We have procedures in place that minimize contact between employees keeping protocols simple for checking in and out equipment that minimize any unnecessary handling and exposure.


SPEC Concepts is taking necessary safety precautions for the health and safety of our employees. It is important for every
individual to take the necessary precautions and follow public health guidelines to ensure that they minimize the chance to spread or contract this highly contagious disease. The issue here is that treatment and a vaccine are not available and will not likely be available any time in the near future. Therefore, it is up to every individual to take personal responsibility to help keep each other safe and healthy.


  • Our staff are being advised to monitor their own temperature when not at work o If anyone displays any symptoms, they are told to stay home.
  • All staff are advised to wash hands frequently with soap
  • All staff are advised to wipe down and disinfect surfaces at home
  • All staff are advised to avoid touching their face without washing hands with soap first
  • All staff are advised that if they cough or sneeze, to do so into their elbow
  • All staff are advised to wear a mask whenever they are out in public
  • All staff are advised that any clothes worn outside must be removed and washed immediately after arriving home
  • All staff are advised that if they believe that they have been exposed, they should seek a medical exam or testing and that they should not come in to work until they are sure they have not contracted anything


    • All staff will wear gloves at all times o All staff will change gloves every time they have handled a personal item that belongs to someone else.
    •  All staff will be given a company face mask that must be worn at all times while on duty o If any staff shows up to work without a company face mask, they will not be allowed to check in
    • All staff have been advised to wash their mask with soap and water after every use
    • All staff will be scanned with an infrared thermometer before checking into work o A wristband will be given for all staff that have had their temperature checked
    • If an employee has an elevated temperature, they will not be allowed to sign in for work
    • Whenever an employee has handled an item without gloves, they must wash their hands immediately with soap and water before touching anything else
    • Every time gloves are removed; hands must be washed or hand sanitizer must be used. o Hand Sanitizer is a temporary fix, all staff should always wash hands with soap and water even if hand sanitizer has been used.
    • It is up to every security agent to ensure the public uses social distancing policy. All of our personnel will follow a 6-foot distance from one another and maintain that distance at all times.
    • We will enforce social distancing measures on the job site at all times for guests when necessary
    • Every piece of equipment distributed will be wiped down before and after each use in the field and at the office with an alcohol solution
    • No employee is allowed to use another employee’s equipment without cleaning and disinfecting it first

    consulting services

    Feel free to call us to discuss your specific needs. We can advise on security, safety, and planning aspects for events of any scale or business needs to protect both employees and customers.

    equipment rental

    We have access to equipment from lighting, barriers, radios, crowd control barricades and stanchions to assist in the control of traffic and flow of guests and patrons.

    industrial sani-spray

    Whether it is a one-time application or an on-going routine, we are ready to assist your business with our sanitary equipment to disinfect any size area for peace of mind.